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Wideview Public School library is a modern and dynamic learning space that extends and supports student learning across the curriculum. There is a comprehensive collection of diverse materials available for the use of students and staff. The collection includes print, graphic, audio visual, electronic, online resources, teacher resources, archive and recreational activities. The collection also boasts a balance between fiction and nonfiction resources.

The comprehensive library program aims to foster a passion for lifelong learning through developing the students’ information literacy skills. Students are taught to search, evaluate and present information in ways that are effective and relevant to the curriculum.

Our library also includes an Indigenous Corner where fiction and nonfiction texts and Indigenous information posters created by students are on permanent display.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a website for our library!

Students can access the website from school or home so they can view and download project instructions, worksheets and examples. Photos of student work will also be uploaded to the site from time to time to showcase achievements in the library.

Visit https://wideview-library.webnode.com/  then click on the tab for your stage to access whatever you need for the term.


Library Opening Times

The Library is open between 8:30am and 4:00pm Monday-Friday for staff.

Each class has a weekly library lesson, during which time they can borrow books. They can also visit the library during the second half of lunch to borrow books on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

During those lunchtimes, students may read, research and complete school tasks. 



Teacher librarian: Jason Smith

Library assistant: Marg Gibson

We are here to assist you to locate information and borrow resources.



We have a large range of resources to meet your learning and recreational needs.

For borrowing:

•Books - fiction, non-fiction


For use in the Library only:

•Reference - dictionaries, atlases and local area books

•Internet access (via laptops)



K-1:          1 book

2-3:         2 books

4-5:         3 books  

6:            4 books 

Books may be borrowed for 2 weeks

Books can be returned earlier if wished

Books must be returned before each school holiday period.


Overdue books

1. A reminder is given to the student

2. A reminder note is sent to the class

3. An overdue note is sent home

4. A letter asking for payment is sent home

If a book is damaged, please return it to school so that it can be repaired. If it is beyond repair an account may be sent home.



1. The library is a classroom and should be treated accordingly.

2. All library resources are valuable and precious and should be handled with care.

3. Work quietly in the library.

4. Use quiet voices.

5. Line up sensibly when waiting to come in.

6. Food and drink are strictly prohibited in the library.

7. Only enter the library if a librarian/teacher is present.

More comprehensive rules and regulations are on display in the library at all times.


Book Care

1. Use a library bag when bringing books to and from school.

2. Keep books away from babies and pets.

3. Have clean hands when reading.

4. Turn pages carefully and keep your book in a safe place.

5. Keep food and drink away from books.

Library Set Up

Indigenous Corner